Harry Styles - Watermelon Sugar (Official Video)

18/05/2020 को प्रकाशित
This video is dedicated to touching.
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Tastes like strawberries
On a summer evening
And it sounds just like a song
I want more berries
And that summer feeling
It’s so wonderful and warm
Breathe me in
Breathe me out
I don’t know if I could ever go without
I’m just thinking out loud
I don’t know if I could ever go without

Watermelon sugar high
Watermelon sugar high
Watermelon sugar high
Watermelon sugar high
Watermelon sugar

On a summer evening
Baby, you’re the end of June
I want your belly
And that summer feeling
Getting washed away in you
Breathe me in
Breathe me out
I don’t know if I could ever go without

Watermelon sugar high

I just wanna taste it
I just wanna taste it
Watermelon sugar high

Tastes like strawberries
On a summer evening
And it sounds just like a song
I want your belly
And that summer feeling
I don’t know if I could ever go without

Watermelon sugar high

I just wanna taste it
I just wanna taste it
Watermelon sugar high
I just wanna taste it
I just wanna taste it
Watermelon sugar high

Watermelon Sugar
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  • Watermelon sugar guy 🤣

  • This is not what I thought about this song when I heard about this 🥺😳

  • I found out about the whole the box soho thing and and now I’m watching the ws video again so I can have a break down that Harry styles probably thinks I’m not not Attractive and would never be with me 🕳🤸‍♀️

  • Ó

  • What a nonsense song

  • I love you ❤️❤️❤️ Harry Styles

  • This song sounds like maroon V "animals"?,😝

  • Como que el guater me lo chupa Jajajajajja

  • I’m I related to you cuz my name is styles so please tell me 😅 my dad fly you once btw

  • 🍉🍬 hii .!!

  • I thought he was just talking about watermelon but-

  • comente ai quem esta em casa ouvindo esse hit mundial brasil

  • Adore you :this is a family show! Watermelon sugar: or is it??!!??

  • He looks like Elton John ordert on wish.

  • This should just be all black girls

  • Como una persona se puede ver tan bien comiendo una sandia???

  • Thought it was maroon 5 sound actually

  • Achava quer era uma música inocente, até ver a tradução ;-;

  • Watermelon Sugar high watermelon Sugar high watermelon Sugar high watermelon Sugar high watermelon sugar high watermelon sugar hi That’s how icing it is really good song I love this but

  • lo amo tanto csm

  • He is a good singer ..he should collab with louis liam niall zayn ...

  • Who is that guy at 2:09? Bottom right, I believe it's the only other dude in that whole scene...

    • Jesus

  • Yay Harry is going live on consert on august 24th and my bd is august 27th I asked my mom for the tickets and she said maybe ❤️

  • 🇧🇷🍉

  • O poder da melancia!!! 😉🙌🇧🇷🍉

  • Poor watermelons 😩

  • Algum 🇧🇷🇧🇷 veio por causa do BBB 21? Fuik emocionado ❤🤭👏🏻

  • 🍉🍉🍉🍉🍉🍉🍉🍉🍉🍉🍉🍉🍉

  • How old are you harry

  • kocham ta piosenke pozdrawiam cie harry

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  • Me: how many watermelons do you want to eat? He: Yes


  • Watermelon 😍😻😍

  • No te turbio 😏😳

  • O ano é 2021 e durante a pandemia temos Fiuk e Gil chorando de emoção toda vez que toca essa essa música no Big Brother Brasil 😂😂😂

  • wait a minute so ur telling me the song I was singing is actually about eating-

  • harry styles: makes a song about watermelon the first lyric: taste like strawberries

  • very good!!!

  • kvaaa ninoooo neee ittttt

  • Clothes hav no gender? I'm about to wear skirts 🙈

  • The glasses, the rings, the vest. What a fucking tool

    • aww some snowflake is offended by clothes!

  • If Ted Bundy was a good kind of famous.


  • Vote for Harry for the iheart awards on Twitter

  • Does anyone actually add sugar to their watermelon

  • A Grammy for this? Woah.! I think this was just a fun video

  • J'adore

  • My mom asked why Harry had 2 songs that were named after fruit and I just looked at her and said "mom honey it takes a very special person to understand any of the 1D boys"

  • This dude's trying to make me forget about my problems for a moment.

  • huh

  • Does Covid 19 spread through watermelon sugar?! 😳

  • hello is harry a gay please respond


  • That must have been awkward to film...

  • the ending is a little cringe

  • O mundo viveria sem o Harry aliás?

  • Bom rs!!! 👌😊🎶

  • It's me or it looks like an :v jajajaja

  • Great! Now I have a great desire for a watermelon! Summer, where are you?


  • I still can’t believe he chose the what makes you beautiful beach

  • After sawing this i get high after eating watermelon

  • Rodezel

  • Take 10 screenshots, print them and you have an art collection

  • I wonder how many watermelons were bought for the making of this

  • Harry or Zayn?

    • harry

  • i find myself coming back to this a few times a week

  • When you realise what this song is actually about😳

  • The people who disliked this song should get covid tests done because one of the major symptoms is no taste.

  • Worst song like yummy but just a vibe

  • Yesss Watermelon

  • 😊🌹

  • 🤔 just wondering how many watermelons he ate that day..

  • He has tattoo!?

  • This is a family show, Harold! Or is it?

  • Yeeeeeeeeyyyyyyyyyyyy

  • harry this song is about watermelon? harry:ehm...no...not at all

  • Me in 2030 Harry is this song about watermelons Harry:why are you still asking about it

  • I'm nevet getting tired of this song

  • How many Indians are here #Directioners

  • Ese día comió tanta sandía, hasta el hastío

  • I now you from Indian I think 🤔 pray that i do

  • Aqui latinos 😍🤩

  • What watermelon is he talking about American grown?

  • man if you are in need of help go to a drug clinic and stuff, seek treatment, after all you are so young you have to live life responsibly do not fall into the world of drugs no, you are fucking awesome and you don’t need this drug shit, you made my childhood and I don’t want to see you like other singers killed by an overdose, I love you and you’ll be able to stop the drugs 👍❤️

  • Everyone wanting to be the watermelon lmao wow. Also this is a family show!.....or is it...

  • His voice is so good He should Collab with Liam Payne, Zayn Malik, Louis Tomlinson and Niall Horan

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  • You so high

    • Watermelon 🍉 suger🖕 high💊

  • Harry Styles' love life: Watermelon Sugar video My love life: Thin Watermelon video 'nuff said.

  • Here because of american idol

  • The video is filmed at the same location as the what makes you beautiful video from 1D

  • En el video el cantante se burla de lo pedófilos y violadores y perversos y lesbianas y gays y hippies que fueron conmigo, lo celebra, hizo un rito, esos tipos que me dijeron e hicieron eso son los mismos que fueron pedófilos con Harry Styles y lo violaron y abusaron, hombres y mujeres del espionaje y más, no creo que a él le gustaría que a un hijo de él o a él le hagan lo mismo, ni creo que a nadie de la ciudad argentina Cipolletti ni a ningún argentino ni a nadie del mundo le gustaría que les dijeran e hicieran eso y todo lo que nos dijeron e hicieron todo el mundo toda la vida a mi familia y a mi desde hace como un siglo

  • اه احب هاري سكيييتويووووتيعيتيت😫💕💕💕💕💕💕💕💕

  • Um monte de menina magrinha e põem uma gordinha só por pura inclusão, pq se n puser fica ofensivo hoje em dia, hahahahahha

  • hippies everywhere

  • inplans.info/first/iM3Yw2GNu9SnZ2w/v-iy

  • No.

  • i feel bad for harry lol